Meet the TMM family

we are The Miracle Makers - a family business run in Poland. My name is Ada, there is also my husband Filip and the two little ones who started it all - Zu and Bo.
We create clothes, underwear and accessories designed to add some pleasure during motherhood. Because this is the time when we most often forget about ourselves. All the better to surround ourselves with things that bring a smile to our (often tired) face!
We like comfortable clothes with a twist that you can wear during pregnancy, breastfeeding and later in motherhood. So then comfort and a smile are equally important.
We work with small family manufactories in Poland that respect their employees and nature. We choose certified knitted fabrics. We are looking for those that will stay with us for a long time. Quality is our priority and we try to create clothes that will stay with us for years. We use as much paper packaging and recycled plastic as possible in our packaging and supply chain.


And most of our things are made in Poznań and its vicinity. We mainly use tiny 1-5 person sewing rooms run by women.


We want to create clothes for years, therefore we choose the best quality knitwear. Our t-shirts are made of 200g GOTS certified fabric. This gives us a guarantee that they will remain exactly the same as on the day of purchase throughout their lifetime.


For us, you are always the most important. This is crucial to us, we make every effort to make you feel appreciated by us at every step. After all, who better to understand you than other mothers